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Debra Slater is known for A Teenage Story (2020)Waiting 4 Mr. Wright (2015) and Perate (2015).



Debra CoCo Slater

Debra CoCo Slater


Born in Harlem and raised in the Bronx.  This Bronx native grew up during an era when hip hop exploded and evolved into a major music genre.  I have always been inspired by music as a child and always wanted to have some type of involvement in the entertainment industry.  Growing up, I always felt like I was born to be an entertainer, but I now realize that helping others is much more fulfilling.

Debra CoCo attended Lehman College and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mass communications and computer science.  While attending school, I interned at 106 & Park on BET network, Channel 13 and an independent record label. The internships helped me to understand the entertainment business from behind the scenes, how to raise revenue, networking and how to market and promote your brand. I then decided to further my education obtain my MBA which helped me to strategize and start my own business. In 2011, I launched Just Gimme the Mic (JGTM) on Blog talk radio…  After one year on Blog talk, we decided to expand to do a U-stream version of the show, which led me to idea of taking the show to public access television where I received my certifications in studio and field production through Bronxnet Studios.    

“Over the years, I have crossed paths with many people that have artistic talents, so I wanted to be part of the process by providing an additional platform for artists, singers, authors and poets to display their skills.” Providing an additional platform of exposure for artist has always been my key element with the show. The foundation of each show is to educate through entertainment.  I love to hear about different perspectives and the journeys of each guest on the show while highlighting an important factor which can be beneficial to our viewing audience.  I recently started a one-on-one segment for industry artists to highlight their career paths and upcoming projects for their fans.

In 2012, I was presented with the opportunity to co-host a segment called “16 Bars” for Video Music Box with Ralph McDaniels which airs on channel NYC22/25. My recent achievements include 2 published articles with F.E.D.S. magazine, appearances in 3 independent films with Street line Production, magazine features, and various cameos for other projects. My show has been blessed to receive three awards for our contributions within the industry and a few nominations. Our show is constantly changing and growing.

In conjunction with the services, I provide through my show, I also write for F.E.D.s Magazine. You can find my articles on stands now. I love writing because it keeps me in tune with new artists that come out in the industry. To date my company now offers many different types of media services. Collectively, we offer hosting of events, event planning, red-carpet interviews, photography, videography, and promotions & advertising. I feel a key factor is building relationships and producing quality segments for our viewers. Every year, I try to implement new ideas into my brand to increase awareness of the services that we offer. This new company still represents the people, the artists, the business owner, the poet, etc. We will continue to improve and grow each year to represent those people that are trying to make it in this industry, as well as highlight the success stories of those who have achieved their dreams.

Recently, I have tried my hand at acting. I am featured in a few web series that can be found on YouTube such as Juicy The Series (Season 3, episodes 5, 6 and 7, Season 4, Season 5 and Season 6), Bumrush Season 3 Finale, Project Heat, Foster Sin, 848 Web series, Prey Before You Eat – Divided we Fall, Diagnosis of PTSD, Situationship Season 2 and 3, The Book of Breeze Season 1 and 2, Trapped, Bad and Boujee, and Love x Love, Self-Destruction, Needs 2, When?, Pieces of Me, Rainbow Killer, Words Can’t Explain, Blood Suckas, and A Teenage Love Story!!! Also, a television pilot for Morning Coffee to name a few. My very own documentary project “Debra Coco” is soon to be released by Millimetermac Films 2023-2024. I love to express myself within the entertainment field in many ways.

Running 12 years strong, my own show Just Gimme the Mic can be viewed on Bronxnet Channel 68 on Cablevision every Sunday at 10pm. BRIC Network every other Saturday at 4:00pm on channels Channel: Time Warner 56 / Cablevision 69 / RCN 84 / Verizon FiOS 44. Also, my show is aired on MNN2 network in Manhattan and can be viewed on Sunday night at 8PM. Check my show on YouTube by searching Debra Coco.

I have been fortunate so far to meet many celebrities and conduct interviews, which is what I really love to do. I’ve been working within the music industry for many years on my own.  My focus is expanding to include community-based programming to increase awareness on causes, community affairs, political and health issues. The goal would be to continue doing field interviews, but to include interviews with licensed certified individuals who can provide professional feedback and opinions on community based subject matter that pertains to our selected topics. We have shown that we can provide coverage for parties and different events, but we would like to also show that we can cover serious issues which affect residents of our community.

2022, I started an afterschool program for Arts, Dance and Music at the Evander Childs campus through a grant for Community Change. The program ran from September 2021 – June 2022. Students learned the art of each program and will perform at end of year ceremony on the campus.

During the Summer of 2023, I plan on working with 2 interns to teach them about marketing, editing and promotions. I am certified with studio and field production which I share the knowledge to interns.


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