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Brigitte C. Alexander: Actress

Already performing in front of family and friends at the age five, Brigitte Alexander knew that an actress existed within her. At the tender age of 8 she starred in her first play; The Princess and The Frog where she took on the lead role as the princess. A star has been born!


Brigitte went on to perform in many school dramas, but as she got older life changes took her into many other directions other than acting on stage or film. She completed undergraduate studies in communications, and two master’s degrees in education.


Brigitte Alexander for the last few decades has performed on many stages in her life, but the most rewarding stage of all is the audience of students who she has taught for the last twenty something years.

About twelve years ago Brigitte Alexander resumed her acting career when she played the role of a mother in a short film named “Selfie”, the role she played left her thirst for more roles in films.

One day while making life changes, she mustered up the courage and answered an advertisement on IG for actors and actresses. As of today, Brigitte Alexander has worked with eight directors on their projects, filmed in three mini series, 4-5  short films and 5 movies all that can be seen on Youtube, Tubi and AMC movie theater
So if you are interested in an actress that can play various roles, please contact Brigitte Alexander on Instagram or Facebook at QueenLadyBam


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